Niña’s Picks – April 2015 Favorites

I haven’t been wearing a lot of make up lately because of the weather. I hate the sticky, sweaty, icky feeling and I don’t want to slap on products on my face that I will just sweat off in minutes. It is challenging to live in a tropical country if you are not a big fan of summer. LOL! I am definitely more of a cold-season girl. Having said that, I don’t have a lot of favourites for April. I would only wear make up when I needed to – like when I had meetings or gigs or stuff like that – and when I did I would often go for just the bare minimum like a lightweight base, concealer, lightly define the brows and lipstick. I just can’t be bothered with this heat!!! Anyway, on to my favorites. Generic Buffing Brush (Landmark Makati)

When I first started using this brush, I didn’t think it would work for me. It’s soft but it sheds a lot. I put this away in a box somewhere and I forgot about this until last week when I reorganized my things. I started using this as a powder brush but I find that it works really well with the Maybelline BB Stick.

Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Stick

I got this early this year and while I liked it in the beginning, I stopped using it because I needed something a bit richer and more moisturizing. When summer began, I started using this again and I like it a lot. It’s easy to use and quick to blend – especially with the buffing brush!

Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea Cologne

This is what I have been using since Summer began. It’s a sweet scent that’s not too juvenile. All my heavier perfumes and colognes have taken a back seat to this.

Lush Soap Bar in The Godmother

If you ever want to smell like or is addicted to the smell of gulaman, go check this out! I swear, I am instantly transported back to when I was a young girl and gulaman was my drink of choice. It definitely smells sweet – some would say sickeningly sweet – but I like it a lot!

The Face Shop Green Tea Hand Gel Cream

Dry skin is de rigeur for me in the summer and since I wash my hands a lot, I need to remoisturize more often. This cream works wonders, is not sticky and smells amazing!

Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm in Tease

I really am loving the Lacquer Balms from Revlon. This shade in particular is perfect for the summer! I normally go for more coral/orange shades in the summer and for the longest time my favorite summer lipstick has been Morange, but since I got this, i haven’t used Morange.  It’s definitely moisturizing and very easy to wear.

Candle-lite Island Coconut Candle

Even though we are in the midst of summer, I still like burning candles. Whenever I burn this candle, I am reminded of beautiful memories from the past. I always leave the room feeling positive, relaxed and happy. I love the smell of coconut and even though I am not a huge summer person, Vanilla Coconut and Pina Colada are in my top 5 favorite scents/smells.

So that’s it for my short and sweet list of favorites. Hopefully, the heat would let up so we can have cooler days ahead!!! I find it harder to think, relax, function (basically move and do things) in this heat!!! How are you liking the weather? Are you a summer girl or a cold-weather girl?

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