Life Lately: Of Gigs and Kids

Things have been rather crazy as of late – a lot of changes definitely and it’s been challenging to manage and balance my time between myself (LOL), my job, family/home and gigs. Not that I am complaining – crazy busy is preferable over just plain crazy lol.

What have I been up to, you ask (or not since really, who cares about my excuses at this point lol) — I was lucky to have booked a few HMU gigs this past month. The first one was for Joyce’s wedding. I booked this pretty early in the year thanks to my good friend M who referred me to Joyce. Joyce was pretty easy to work with because she gave me full control over her look. She just requested for coral lips and said, “Ikaw na bahala”. It was a fun experience, Joyce was happy with her make up and I was pretty pleased as well.
2015-05-16_1431761091The second HMU gig was with my high school batch mate and her mom (Hi Pam and Tita Tess!) They were going to be wedding guests. You know, I appreciate folks who really take the time and effort to look good when they attend formal events so when Pam sent me a message and asked if I could do her and her mom’s hair and make up, I immediately said yes! I worked with Pam before for a mini shoot that one of my best friends directed so I was excited to be able to do her make up again. For her mom, we enhanced her natural beauty and highlighted her gorgeous skin. For Pam, we went with a daytime smokey look and a tousled side hair style.  I was very very happy with the outcome and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. Tita Tess is so adorable and animated and Pam is just so much fun to doll up!
2015-05-23_1432368670 2015-05-23_1432368588I also did a quick make up look for my sister. I think she attended a formal birthday party and asked me to do her make up. We did this in less than 10 minutes! 🙂
2015-05-12_1431407632I have also rekindled my love for cooking/baking/preparing food. I am more into healthier eats these days. If you follow me on Instagram, I mentioned I have been feeling sickly the last couple of weeks and because I don’t like taking medication, I am trying nature’s cures instead. Sometimes I get a craving for “bad” food like potato fries or chocolate cake but I’ve been trying to make them instead of buy ready-made ones because at least I know the ingredients that are put in – I don’t use preservatives, i go verrrry easy on the salt and other condiments. Not only is it cheaper, more often than not it tastes even better.    I’ve also discovered the wonders of Avocado. I’ve tried it on salads, on toast, on it’s own as a snack. I saw a video of Blogilates on her Instagram where she prepared her breakfast of “toast with avocado spread, topped with a sunny side up egg” breakfast. That’s really what started me on this avocado kick. I tried it, it’s delicious! It is also a lot healthier than other breakfast options I have at home and a bonus is that it’s pretty quick to prepare too!
2015-05-14_1431590700 2015-05-13_1431513516 2015-05-26_1432613062 2015-05-26_1432621557Oh and I broke my “no buying of sh*t you don’t need but want so bad” rule. I have been pretty good about avoiding the beauty section of department stores because those places just suck me in and make me want a lot of things i don’t necessarily need but this month I just saw so many good deals – like the Revlon half-off on their Balm Stains, the sale at the FS Cosmetics counter (love their eyeshadows) and the great Loreal sale. It’s my sister’s fault really. She left me alone to go around the mall while she was buying stuff for my nephew and I just “happened” to find myself at the beauty counter and saw the sales. LOL. Oh and I didn’t know Catrice was already here in Manila so that was exciting for me. Before walking away from the Catrice stall, I swatched some of their eyeshadows and those were crazy pigmented and beautiful. I definitely have to go back and get those.
2015-05-10_1431248395 Chubbster Buster is, as always, adorable and cute. I recently chopped most of his hair off (yes, all by myself since I don’t like leaving him at the groomers) since it’s the summer time and I think he’s enjoying his shorter, more easy-breezy hairstyle LOL. He is still on a managed diet because he is big for his breed/age and I don’t want to run into any complications. Oh that reminds me, I need to take him to the vet this week for his check up!
2015-05-14_1431595057Other than that, it’s just been a lot of errands here and there, working to complete my deliverables for work and taking care of my nephew. It’s not easy taking care of a 7-year-old since I am not a big sucker for kids, but I think he’s taught me to be more creative when it comes to making sure he is entertained but learning at the same time. We’ve been having fun working in the kitchen, I’ve been teaching him how to care for our dogs and doing domestic errands. One of the things I am very happy about is that I was able to convert him to “real-life” entertainment. He doesn’t spend so much time in front of the TV or playing the computer anymore, yay! He prefers to play with his Legos or work on his activity books woot woot! I am trying to create a well-balanced routine for him which I hope can help him become a well-rounded, well-organized person when he grows up. To sum it up, it’s definitely been challenging but fun and I learn something new everyday.

So that’s that as far as what my life has been lately. It’s definitely been a crazy busy month but I can definitely say the fun/happiness outweigh the stress/tiredness. I have a couple of things planned for this space so hopefully that comes into fruition soon! *keeping my fingers crossed*

Ta-ta for now, folks!

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