Why I Avoid The Beauty Section of the Department Store

Processed with VSCOcam

I should never ever ever be left alone to wander in the beauty section of the department store. I’ve actually been very good about not making any impulsive beauty purchases by avoiding places that I know will make me want to buy things I want but don’t really need, but I ended my good streak last month when my sister made me go with her to the mall so we could buy things for her son, and then left me for about two hours doing nothing but get pushed and shoved by folks at the kids section that I indadvertedly ended up – you guessed it – at the beauty section of the SM Department Store.

First stop was the FS Cosmetics counter. Their eyeshadows were on sale and the SA convinced me to get 4 so I could fill a quad. Since I was weak from being pushed around (ha ha ha, excuses), I was easily convinced and I walked away from her with 4 new eyeshadows and an empty quad to put my new eyeshadows in.

More walking around, and I found myself at the James Cooper/Jazzy Collections counter. I used to have the Old Rose bronzer, but it broke during one of my overnight/party night with friends. I have been meaning to get another one for quite some time now, and I was debating whether or not I should purchase that one or try something new but after swatching it, I remembered why I loved it so much – so it made it’s way into my basket. Then I saw another highlighter/blusher from the same brand and that one (Pearl) made it into my basket as well.

Behind the James Cooper/Jazzy Collections counter is the Pinkies counter. I originally wanted to get a brow pencil for my sister but the shade I wanted was not available. Right beside where the eyebrow pencils are were the lip and eye pencils. I saw a nude shade, swatched it, liked it, and proceeded to take 4 other shades.

Then of course I had to pass by the Maybelline counter. I am not a big primer person, but I have heard great things about the Baby Skin Pore Eraser that I knew I had to try that one.

On my way to the cashier, I passed by Loreal and remembered how much I wanted to try the Miss Manga mascara. I debated on whether I should get it that day or not since I already had a lot of stuff in my basket, but you know – low EQ – and I ended up walking away with that as well.

As I was waiting in line for my turn to pay, I saw the Ponds Flawless White BB Cream and remembered that that too was on my list of things to try. I had about a minute to decide whether I should buy that and obviously, I decided I should!

The Avon SuperShock Max mascara was bought separately but around the same time – I loved this mascara when it first came out so when I saw on the brochure that it was on sale, I knew I had to get it as well. The NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream was a gift from one of my enabler friends (thanks M).

I left the mall feeling a little guilty for making an unplanned department store purchase, but that feeling was quickly replaced by excitement at the idea of trying new products. I am sure any beauty enthusiast would understand – it is so exciting to open a beauty item for the first time! Its been so long since I last stepped anywhere near the beauty section of SM – I wasn’t aware that Catrice and other “new” brands are already available here in the PH! I have to take stock of what “new” products I want to try so I am prepared the next time I go… which I think won’t be anytime soon ha ha ha! That area of the mall just takes advantage of my very low EQ that I have to avoid it as much as I can.

Do you have department store favourites? I would love to know so I am prepared for my next beauty section stroll haha! You can also connect with me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, I would love to hear from you!


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