The Perfect Summer Red: Orly Nail Polish in Siren

One of my good friends from High School got married last week. It was definitely emotional for me to see her grow into a beautiful, understanding person and to see her settle down with the man she chose to spend the rest of her life with was just a joyous experience for me.

As with any major event, I made sure to plan. It is such an enjoyable process – preparing for an event, looking for an appropriate outfit and the general pampering it comes with ha ha ha! Since my friend asked me to do make up for her entourage, I had to make sure my hands and nails were at least presentable – in case my hand comes up in the SDE ha ha ha!

It was a toss-up between Orly’s Blue Suede and Siren, but Siren eventually won. I was going to wear a blue satin dress and figured that Siren would give my outfit a nice pop of colour.

Orly’s Siren is a beautiful red orange that goes on opaque on the first coat. To make sure that my nails would last as long as it possibly can, I put on 3 very thin coats and finished off with a nice, shiny top coat.

Application was fairly easy with this nail polish. I like the shape of the brush – it allows you to get to the sides easily. Siren’s consistency was quite thick – something that I am not quite used to in nail polishes, but it wasn’t difficult to apply at all.

I find that more orange-y colours tend to make my hands look sickly and too yellow, but Siren didn’t do that. I like that the colour is very vibrant and I think it’s a perfect summer alternative to my usual true red or blood red.

It was a bit of a gamble for me to use this colour – it’s not the kind of shade I opt for normally, but I am glad I did because I think I may have found my perfect summer red.

I have had this bottle since forever (ha ha ha exxagge) so I don’t remember how much I got it for exactly but I think this might have been in the Php300 to Php350 range. I got mine at PCX Alabang Town Center, so if you are interested, visit your local PCX to check if they have the shade.

To Mr. and Mrs. T, thank you for making me a part of your beautiful day! Cheers to a lifetime together, centered in God and enriched by your love and support for one another!!! ❤


5 thoughts on “The Perfect Summer Red: Orly Nail Polish in Siren

  1. I sense that this is your favorite shade of red 🙂 its funny cause when I got the first red lipstick that I became obssesed with, shortly after that I bought a red nail polish that go well with it.. i think it was called ruby slippers (ORLY or china glaze). it had deep red glitters in it. you might like 😉
    congrats to your friends!


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