This Just In: I Heart Make Up – I Heart Chocolate Palette | Make Up Revolution

The other day, I was quietly browsing Instagram at midnight, looking through my friend’s photos, stalking celebrity and non-celebrity crushes (LOL), looking at make up… and you know what comes next, don’t you? I ended up looking through an online make up store, liked something they were selling and poof, a sneaky little purchase was made. Whoopsie!

Now on to the good stuff. As soon as I saw Beauty Shop PH post that they had the Make Up Revolution Chocolate Palettes, I knew I had to get at least one out of the 3 variations. I went to their website and the only version available was the Naked Chocolate, but turns out that they weren’t able to update their website and that was out of stock. I was told that they only had the I Heart Chocolate version available and I figured that was fine since the I Heart Chocolate was the one I originally had my eyes on.

Not gonna lie, a big part of the reason why I wanted this over the other palettes Beauty Shop PH had, was the packaging. I mean how adorable is this? It’s shaped just like a chocolate bar! It smells faintly of chocolate too.

I read a couple of reviews online that compared this with the Too Faced Chocolate Bar (1) and how good of a dupe this is, but I can’t really confirm that since I don’t have the Too Faced one. Based off of the photos though, the colors do look VERY similar. 2015-06-07 02.19.41 1-1 I like that the shades are named, so you can easily keep track of what you use. One thing I also really like is that it has a great mix of mattes, satin and shimmer. The I Heart Chocolate palette comes with 6 mattes, 6 satins and 4 shimmers. I think that’s a great mix and love the fact that there are so many mattes in this unlike other eyeshadow palettes. Swatching these eye shadows were so much fun! The mattes are so buttery and so are the satins. The shimmer shadows were a little grittier but not difficult to work with. Pigmentation is bomb diggity! I haven’t used this palette enough to give you a full review yet, but so far, I like what I see! My favorites so far are Thank Friday (matte), You Need Love (matte), Smooth Criminal (satin), Chocolate Love (satin) and Piece Me Together (shimmer). Oh and you know what the best part is about this palette? The price. This only cost me Php790! Shipping was Php105, so total bill was Php895 but that’s not bad for a palette with 16 eye shadows that are highly pigmented and velvety soft to apply. Definitely a good buy for me, this one.

The only “bad” thing was the brush that came with it. It was a crappy dual ended sponge tip applicator that I immediately threw out. It was quite disappointing that it didn’t come with an actual brush, but hey for the price I paid, I guess I can’t complain! I am excited to play around with this a bit more. Just based off of my initial swatches, I do think this is a good buy so if you are looking for a budget-friendly palette, go to Beauty Shop PH and get yours!

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